VestasKitchen + Levante

VestasKitchen + Levante

Healthy variety is a must in the home kitchen – and it can simply be delicious. But please not too complicated. And it mustn’t taste bland. It should also be modern and trendy. In any case, it must be varied! Maybe even impress the guests? For us, it’s no wonder that Levantine cuisine is currently so popular with cooking fans and gourmets and that the corresponding cookbooks are more in demand than ever. Because the so-called mezze in their countless forms of preparation inspire with their aromatic interplay of high-quality fresh ingredients and spices.

Wonderful world of spices

With the new VestasKitchen + Levante, we are dedicating ourselves to two top trends on our fifth agency birthday: the tasty cuisine from the Middle East and the rapidly increasing popularity of vegetarian and vegan creations. All the recipes we develop therefore do without meat and fish, and in some cases even completely without products of animal origin. The vegetarian and vegan creations live from the diversity of the ingredients and their varied seasoning. Even a regional or seasonal link succeeds: For our interpretations of hummus, falafel, shakshuka and co, we have used wild garlic, asparagus and chard, for example.

Our vegetarian and vegan variety from the Middle East.
Vegetarian + vegan Levantine cuisine from VestaLand

By the way, probably the most important enjoyment factor of Levant cuisine is eating together at the sumptuously set table. So this time, in each picture, we are not only serving the one plate, but also the prospect of further dishes to be tasted, shared and enjoyed together. Fancy a culinary voyage of discovery to the Middle East?

Then please go this way to the brand new VestasKitchen + Levante.