Only pots outside

Only pots outside

Being creative on command – probably one of the biggest challenges for creative professionals. This makes it all the more important to keep finding fresh inspiration. Not so easy in the daily grind.

Sure, we study the latest food magazines, social media and blogs or comb through the cooking book section in bookstores. We love going to the supermarket and eating out. When travelling, we try our way through regional cuisine. Because we feel at home wherever food and flavour are involved. And we’re always discovering new things to take back to our photo studio and office.

We recently travelled to the gorgeous Café Kännchen in Gevelsberg-Silschede for a little change of perspective. When you step into the beautifully blooming cottage garden, you leave everyday life behind. Delicious cakes, the aroma of fresh waffles and hot coffee specialities provide instant relaxation in this idyllic setting. It also provides a fantastic backdrop for food photography.

What do we take with us? A feeling of speed recovery, the play of light and shadow in the open air and also a new desire for naturalness and the imperfect.

What we recommend? Go outside more often. Because only those who leave the beaten track can really create something new.

The impressions of our trip to Café Kännchen are now also available on Dirk’s new portfolio website at !