VestasKitchen – Summer, Sun, Apéro.

VestasKitchen – Summer, Sun, Apéro.

We’ve already welcomed it for a short time, the summer in the city! And we’re sure it’s just making a last run-up. Balconies, terraces and, of course, the countless outdoor cafés and restaurants are eagerly waiting to finally be put to good use. For an aperitif, for example?

Whether it’s casually called after-work drink or more fancy sundowner, a refreshing evening drink in good company tastes fantastic on warm summer evenings. And the apéro culture established in Switzerland, France and Italy, for example, is becoming increasingly popular in our part of the world. Small, usually savoury snacks are served alongside good conversation and delicious drinks to bridge the time until the actual meal. Or sometimes even replace them.

We now serve a selection of classic and trendy summer drinks – with and without alcohol – and their matching snack companions for the aperitif. All of them are easy to make, even for inexperienced bartenders and kitchen lazybones!

Classic + trendy summer drinks With matching snacks to accompany the aperitif!

Working for us at the bar was our Queen of Cocktails, Simone Ruhrberg. And of course, as always, Dirk Przibylla was at the camera. Together they created an atmospheric set full of intense colours, which we hope even the sun won’t be able to resist for long.

Did you know that many cocktail-friendly herbs such as mint and eucalyptus, lemon balm, basil, rosemary and lavender also repel mosquitoes? It’s a real win-win planting for balconies and patios!

We say cheers! and wish you many sunny, carefree summer days.