5 years VestaLaurenz

5 years VestaLaurenz

It was 12 August 2016, actually a completely normal Friday. But on this very 12th of August, four extremely nervous – joyfully nervous – former colleagues entered a notary’s office. And sealed the foundation of VestaLaurenz. What we had been preparing, planning and thinking about for weeks and months finally got a letter and seal.

In fact, our focus had been fully on communication around the food industry for several years before that. For about the same amount of time, we were convinced that there was an enormous amount of potential in the food service sector, in addition to the consumer market. And
unbroken in professional food photography. But too often concepts, ideas and contacts simply remained unused.

It was clear to us: we can do food communication, especially in foodservice! We understand where the professional’s shoe pinches in the kitchens and bakeries, convey the right facts in a professional and needs-oriented manner, find the right words – and can adopt the user’s perspective.

Let's do it then.

So we chose the way forward, combining desire and will, know-how and ability with plenty of courage and drive. The dream of self-employment was not to remain a dream. It took many hours, evenings, sketches of ideas, business plan calculations, counselling sessions and perhaps the odd glass of wine to draw our picture of functional food communication. And then, after all those weeks of preparation, our fixed idea became a mature business plan – VestaLaurenz was born.

We set out, revived old and made new contacts, cultivated networks. We found those who were willing to engage with us in “the new”. Developed the first exciting ideas and concepts, implemented photo themes. Planned trade fairs with our customers and filled the presentations with life. Provided the sales teams with sales materials of all kinds. To this day, we are a little speechless and very enthusiastic about how well we got off to a good start.

So not part of our plan: Corona. Deeply rooted in food service, the new situation hit our customers and us. The first trade fairs were cancelled, caterers closed their canteens, restaurants their doors – the supermarket shelves were swept clean, while wholesalers could no longer get rid of their goods via the out-of-home market. Manufacturers, retailers, media, caterers, service providers – all affected. It was such an unreal situation that it took a combined effort to get through.


Bravely ahead!

Our desire to “do our own thing” was the origin before our signatures turned colleagues into business partners. With the heart and soul of our team, the trust of our customers and the close cooperation with all our partners, we flew through the first five years in our VestaLand. We have accompanied the launches of great products, thought up and implemented communication concepts, changed entire brand images, staged food in the most beautiful way, accompanied brands into social media, developed diverse recipes, designed trade fair appearances, provided journalists with exciting content, redesigned packaging, provided sales teams with countless sales documents, discovered new product segments, experimented with photo styles and faced all the challenges and tasks we encountered along the way …

“Courageously ahead” remains our motto. And while we look with gratitude and pride at what we have already achieved, our eyes have long since turned to the future.

By the way: For our fifth agency birthday, we are serving mezze in purely vegetarian and vegan creations to enjoy together. With VestasKitchen + Levante, we present vegetarian and vegan diversity from the Middle East, which delights us with its aromatic interplay of high-quality fresh ingredients and spices in its countless forms of preparation.

And toast to five years of VestaLaurenz.
L’Chaim – to life!