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Welcome to virgin VestaLand

Ready for the new sobriety?


The first hot summer sunny days are behind us – and hopefully many more ahead! Cool drinks now provide the right cooling. And in keeping with the times: without alcohol. Because without alcohol, it’s much healthier and certainly no less delicious. In fact, when it comes to consumption at home and in the catering trade, the trend is clearly moving towards the pleasurable renunciation of alcohol. And it’s not just water, soft drinks or boring spritzers that end up in the glass.

What is needed are non-alcoholic drinks with a certain something that puts the alcoholic alternative in the shade.

What do we warmly recommend on hot summer days? We like it fruity, tangy, strong, bitter, sweet, spicy – oh, best of all simply DELICIOUS. From the pen of Simone and Marc, in cooperation with kasBAR in Bottrop and captured by Dirk, we present the new sobriety. Absolutely refreshing and, pssst…, even suitable for home office.


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Quite sober: SOBER culture conquers bars and gastronomy

It wasn’t just yesterday that non-alcoholic drinks became increasingly trendy. And it’s not just about creating non-alcoholic imitations. Rather, a beverage culture of its own is emerging, full of aromas, variety of flavours and creativity.

Pure and mixed creations that go far beyond classic lemonades are gathered under the term “urban drinks”. At the bar, the aim has long since ceased to be merely to create a non-alcoholic copy of the actual cocktail or long drink. Special juices, exquisite teas, infusions with fruits and herbs, fermentations, distillates and brews … The world of non-alcoholic drinks is growing rapidly. The Food Report 2021 from the collaboration of Hanni Rützler and the Zukunftsinstitut also deals intensively with the new “sober” drinks.

The trade magazine portal www.trendwelten.eu has shed perspective on these exciting findings of the “liquid evolution”.

Why are more and more people giving up alcohol? Of course, avoiding a hangover, maintaining fitness to drive or pregnancy are always good reasons not to drink alcohol. Or one simply does not like or tolerate it. But it is above all the growing health consciousness that is driving the market. According to the Food Report, the megatrend “health and wellness” has become a global lifestyle, and a direct connection is becoming more and more visible. The more consumers are enthusiastic about fitness and a healthy lifestyle, the more carefully they decide on their diet and thus also their beverage consumption.

Spicy Orange

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Wild Berry Moskito

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Alcohol-free revives the gastronomy and beverage scene

The significantly increasing demand for non-alcoholic beverages has become a real opportunity for the beverage industry and the gastronomy scene. And at the same time it presents them with new challenges.

With a love of experimentation, new production processes and the selection of sometimes unusual raw materials, manufacturers are able to achieve exciting taste experiences – but SOBER. Large producers are no longer only involved in non-alcoholic beers. This is proof of how promising the non-alcoholic movement has become.

It is also a fact that consumers who abstain from alcohol still want to enjoy a nice dinner in a restaurant or an artfully mixed drink after work.

But how, for example, do you create a non-alcoholic menu accompaniment that ideally underlines, complements or rounds off the kitchen creations? And which recipes have the potential to bring guests to the counters? Here, chefs like to use special juices and infusions, but also cocktails and mixed drinks from the bar.

Even the emergence of a gastronomic genre of its own seems to have begun: In the so-called Sober Bars, there are actually no drinks with alcohol at all. Expanded by often vegetarian or vegan menus, entire restaurant concepts with a focus on healthy, conscious nutrition then develop from this.

Virgin Solero

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Maracuja Bitter

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Sustainably in motion

In line with trend observations, the core target group is young and shows an increased willingness to spend on sustainable consumption at all levels. In fact, younger consumers in particular seem to have strongly internalised their mindful lifestyle, while at the same time being very open to new things. They like to discover new flavours and taste worlds. They appreciate something special and the story behind the product. And as with vegetarian and vegan diets, more and more consumers now seem to be joining this movement. Not only for the sake of their own health, but certainly with a desire for new variety.


Pomegranate Ginger Lemonade

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