Equipment Foodstyling


Do you want to set the scene for your product? We know how….

We still understand photography and food styling as a real, learned craft. The days when food stylists messed around with hairspray, clear varnish and shaving foam are thankfully long gone. And let’s face it, aesthetics are different. Fortunately, natural ingredients and authentic cooking methods are all the rage, even if we tweak them slightly here and there for a great picture.

No way, lacquered chicken!

Aesthetics meets authenticity

If you think you can’t combine these two concepts in one picture, you’ll soon be disabused of this notion. Even if it is not always possible without “optimisation”. Some foods can only be presented well with special pre-treatment. And so we have to do a little trickery here and there. What? How? Where? Of course, that remains our well-kept secret.

The foundation, however, is clearly a learned trade: a sound cooking education and activities in all areas of gastronomy – from gourmet restaurant to communal catering. Together with many years of food styling experience, this basis gives us the necessary expertise to really understand products. This allows us to bring out the best for the intended use without losing sight of the customer.


Perfect network

Our numerous and varied contacts to suppliers almost always enable us to procure exactly the ingredients you need, regardless of the season. From the greengrocer’s shop on the corner to speciality butchers, suppliers to the industry and direct producers.

Our good connections in the gastronomic scene also enable us to carry out food styling in unusual locations far away from our studio.

Marc Fleischer, VestaLaurenz