VestasKitchen – Driving home for Christmas

VestasKitchen – Driving home for Christmas

Ready for the Christmas season? We are! And with the most delicious recipes, gift tips to make yourself or buy yourself and lots of practical tips for maximum stress-reduced preparation. As well as the right soundtrack.

The first real magazine issue of VestasKitchen will get you through the holidays at home with your loved ones safe and sound and, above all, full. Because even if the preparations are extensive and the get-together loud and bustling: the happy hours in the circle of family and friends are not a matter of course. The festive season begins with a loud “We’re here!”

Christmas No-bake Cheesecake

A cosy start on 23 December, delicious Christmas Eve treats, sweets and savouries for Christmas Day and fantastic breakfast ideas for the day of departure, when even the leftovers can be put to the best use. The practical checklist and our instructions for DIY gifts from the kitchen help to ensure that everyone’s eyes really do light up under the Christmas tree. Don’t feel like crafting? We can also shop more beautifully!

THERE USED TO BE MORE TINSEL. But today it's more delicious!
CHEERS - with Portotonic.

For the most relaxed Christmas ever, head this way now,
to the brand new VestasKitchen Driving home for Christmas.



Get into the Christmas groove
With our extremely contemplative Spotify playlist, the desire for the festive season comes all by itself. Really, we promise.

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